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East Whittier Glass & Mirror Co. has made it very easy to receive your customized mirrors.

Simply complete the basic product questionnaire below and our experienced staff will contact you with pricing.


Custom Mirrors- Request Online Form

Width of mirror: Please enter the size in inches in the field below (example:  32)


Width of mirror: Please select the fraction of inch size from list below.  Select ‘0‘ if measurement is exact inch.  (example: 1/4)


Height of mirror: Please enter the size in inches in the field below (example: 41)

height Mirror


Height of mirror: Please select the fraction of inch size from the list below.  Select ‘0‘ if measurement is exact inch. (example:  1/4)


Mirror Thickness:  How thick is the piece of mirror that you need?

Please select from options listed below.

(1/4 is common standard size)


Mirror Type:  Select which color of mirror you’d like from the list below


Edging:  Please select the type of edging you prefer from the list below

edging details

Mirror hardware:  Would you like to include mirror clips to your custom order?

Metal Mirror Clips – Includes chrome cap that adds a clean custom look to your mirror.
Supplied with screws, anchors and instructions.

Chrome Round Clip

Plastic Mirror Clips – Basic method to securely fasten your mirror safely.

Supplied with screws and instructions.

Plastic Mirror Clip 2

Mirror hardware:  Do you need quality grade adhesive?

Gunther Ultra/Bond Mirror Mastic – High quality adhesive formulated to provide a strong, permanent bond between electro-copper-plated glass mirror. It has an easy working consistency year round, and will adhere to a wide variety of substrates including drywall, wood, metal, glass, marble, and tile.  Approximately, one cartridge provides enough material for approx. 7 to 10 sq. ft. of installation coverage per cartridge.

Mirror Mastic 10oz

Mirror hardware: Would you like to include J-Bar channel Bracket to your custom order?

These bottom supports will give your mirror a sturdy and seamless mirror installation.  Ideally used for large mirror installations.  Easy to follow installation instructions will be included.

jbar demo image

Prices for J-Bar channel vary depending your the bottom mirror length- $2.50 per linear ft.

bracket colors

Where will the mirrors you are requesting be installed?

Please select an answer from the list below.

PLEASE READ: It may be possible that the exact measurements of your space are not exactly square and would need our experienced staff to come onsite to measure your space for precise dimensions.

The quote you will receive is based only from the dimensions you are about to submit.


You have finished the custom mirror request.

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