mirror kits

High quality ready made mirror kits are simple to order and allow you to install them at your convenience!  Review the mirror kits below to find the best fit for your home or business.


Dressing Mirrors

These mirror sizes range from minimum length 12″ x 48″ to as large as 18″ x 72″.  These types of mirrors are ideally  for bedroom sets and smaller home mirrors.  Complete your home space with new dressing mirrors.


Vanity Mirrors

These mirror sizes range from minimum length 24″ x 36″ to as large as 96″ x 48″.  These types of mirrors would fit your bathroom or bedroom areas.  Update the look and value of your home with quality made mirrors.


Commercial/Business Mirrors

These mirrors are the largest of all, ranging from minimum length 60″ x 48″ to 100″ x 72″ which are best suited for commercial and business spaces like gyms, restaurants and hotel spaces.



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