Frameless Shower Glass

When a shower from a big box store isn’t enough,
East Whittier Glass has you covered.





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You want a new bathroom but…

✔ building supply stores don't give you the options you need.

✔ your project questions go unanswered.

✔ you wonder if your contractor has what it takes to deliver the quality you deserve.

✔ when you dream of your personal spa retreat, a boring shower isn't the centerpiece.

Don't you wish you could have expert help to turn your dream shower into a reality?


 East Whittier Glass knows

frameless glass showers

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We understand the frustrations of homeowners and contractors alike. Your options can feel limited and projects can seem overwhelming. We're here to help. We have been providing professional, custom glass services since 1964. We specialize in Frameless Shower Enclosure design and installation. We invite you to check out our online gallery and beautiful showroom for inspiration and design help.


 Check out what our clients have said…

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 Our process is simple:





Our promise: If we make a mistake we will cover the cost. We won't pass the cost to you.

 Want a partner for your project?

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Frameless glass shower enclosure in custom bathroom

 So much to look forward to…

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Your custom Frameless Glass Shower will make your new bathroom standout. You'll feel confident in the quality of your investment. You'll look forward to your very own spa retreat. Choosing East Whittier Glass will help you avoid project delays and headaches. With EWG's team as your project partner, you won't worry about improper installation.



Dreaming of a new amazing bathroom, or planning to improve your investment. Hoping you will find the right project partner.


✔ Feeling excited and renewed.

✔ Your new custom frameless glass shower will be the jewel of your new spa retreat.

✔ You’ll be confident that the quality installation has brought value to your investment.

✔ And, now you have a partner for your next custom glass project.